Concert Music

A Few Things to Wrap Up

(2016) ensemble for six percussionists; 10 minutes; $50

This piece was premiered at the University of Northern Iowa 50-Year Percussion Reunion in April 2016.  The players of the ensemble are divided as a marimba quartet plus two percussionists – although every player uses multiple instruments.  The piece is celebratory in nature and features solo and duet moments for several of the players.

Instrumentation:  3 marimbas (one 5-0ctave; xylophone substitution could work for one); timpani, small concert bass drum, small tam tam, glockenspiel, crotales, timbales with cowbell, high-hat, shakers, triangles, tambourines, djembe, doumbek, mark tree, woodblocks, temple blocks, guiro, agogo bell, 4 toms, water gong, large tom or kick drum on its side, congas, 2 sets of bongos, sizzle cym, sus cym, crash cym, finger cym, kick drum, jam block with foot pedal, 2 temple cup gongs, vibraslap, pandeiro

Tiger Dance

(2001) marimba solo with percussion ensemble; 8-9 minutes; $40

Instrumentation: 5-octave marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, six graduated toms or similar drums, small bass drum, tuned gongs or cast-iron pans (G#, E, D) opera gong, large woodblock or logdrum, medium woodblock, piccolo woodblock, china cymbal, dunun or large bass-sounding drum, vibraslap, bamboo chimes, caxixi, crotales, shakers, ankle rattles

Released on CD by marimba soloist Scott Herring and the University of South Carolina Percussion Ensemble.

Video below is from a performance by Mark Ford and the UNT Percussion Ensemble.

The George Piece

(2013) brass quintet; 6 minutes

Opening Remarks

(2001) marimba quartet; 5 minutes; $40

All Systems Go

(2013) marimba duo; 5 minutes; $30

Commissioned by the Iowa/Hungary Percussion Project

A Tree and a Swing

(2013) art song for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble; 5 minutes

Lyrics by Scout Storey

Performance by Katherine Pracht, Jacqueline Jove, Christine Kim, Noriko Nagao, Anna Mnich