Concert Music

In the Morning Light We Say Goodbye

(2022) wind band; 6 minutes

Program Notes: Every day we say goodbye in one form or another, and the emotional pull is dictated by the length of the anticipated absence, the finality of the separation.  Is it goodbye for now, see you later?  Or is it goodbye forever?  Every goodbye is a reminder of our impermanence and fragility. Sometimes we don’t realize until later that what we thought was an everyday goodbye was a final parting.  A friend moves to another city or another country, a couple decides to divorce, the kids go away to college, a loved one passes away.  I started this piece many years ago after visiting an aunt who was dying from brain cancer.  The initial sketch appeared rapidly, almost writing itself, and then it sat, unfinished, until this fall.  Why did I come back to it?  I think it has something to do with spending the pandemic overseas, away from family and friends.  This piece is dedicated to all of those to whom we’ve had to say goodbye. 

Premiered by the St. Olaf Band and conductor Jack Stamp in March 2022.

Just Like the Seventies

(2019) percussion quartet; 4 minutes

Premiered in April 2019 by the University of Northern Iowa Percussion Ensemble.

A Few Things to Wrap Up

(2016) ensemble for six percussionists; 10 minutes; $50

This piece was premiered at the University of Northern Iowa 50-Year Percussion Reunion in April 2016.  The players of the ensemble are divided as a marimba quartet plus two percussionists – although every player uses multiple instruments.  The piece is celebratory in nature and features solo and duet moments for several of the players.

Instrumentation:  3 marimbas (one 5-0ctave; xylophone substitution could work for one); timpani, small concert bass drum, small tam tam, glockenspiel, crotales, timbales with cowbell, high-hat, shakers, triangles, tambourines, djembe, doumbek, mark tree, woodblocks, temple blocks, guiro, agogo bell, 4 toms, water gong, large tom or kick drum on its side, congas, 2 sets of bongos, sizzle cym, sus cym, crash cym, finger cym, kick drum, jam block with foot pedal, 2 temple cup gongs, vibraslap, pandeiro

Tiger Dance

(2001) marimba solo with percussion ensemble; 8-9 minutes; $40

Instrumentation: 5-octave marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, six graduated toms or similar drums, small bass drum, tuned gongs or cast-iron pans (G#, E, D) opera gong, large woodblock or logdrum, medium woodblock, piccolo woodblock, china cymbal, dunun or large bass-sounding drum, vibraslap, bamboo chimes, caxixi, crotales, shakers, ankle rattles

Released on CD by marimba soloist Scott Herring and the University of South Carolina Percussion Ensemble.

Video below is from a performance by Mark Ford and the UNT Percussion Ensemble.

The George Piece

(2013) brass quintet; 6 minutes

Opening Remarks

(2001) marimba quartet; 5 minutes; $40

All Systems Go

(2013) marimba duo; 5 minutes; $30

Commissioned by the Iowa/Hungary Percussion Project

A Tree and a Swing

(2013) art song for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble; 5 minutes

Lyrics by Scout Storey

Performance by Katherine Pracht, Jacqueline Jove, Christine Kim, Noriko Nagao, Anna Mnich